Tobacco Hydrostone (or Humidifying Stone / Hydrostone)

This small, yet very effective ceramic stone, has been developed, and tested vigourously in accordance with one of the leading rolling tobacco factories in Europe.With this stone, your clients will never have to throw away too dry tobacco again. You put this stone in a glass of water, let it absorb the water for a few minutes. Then you put it with the dried out tobacco, and the stone will release the water to its environment, making the tobacco moist again, and ready for consumption.

Description and useful info:

  • Our product is packed per piece in a small box (size 65*45mm), printed outside full color. Inside printing is also possible at a small extra cost.
  • Shape of the stone:
    Since the stone is made of baked terracotta clay, we can provide with any shape possible. We can mark them with your brandname, different colors are possible.
  • Experience with humidifying properties:
    from our tests with this clay mixture, the baked stone absorbs 20% water. After the stone is put in normal water for no more than 5 minutes, Then we put the stone with the tobacco that was dried out completely. The tobacco is in a sealed compartment, like the pot or pouch it was in before. Result is after around 15 minutes, the tobacco is moist enough, and ready to be consumed again.
  • Shelf life:
    since this stone was kiln dried for around 30 hours at a 1000 degrees Celsius, it is very difficult to break. Absorbing capacities stay with the stone for an undefined  period of time. As for the shelf life of the stone itself, our clients who used this 2 years, and the stone still does his work perfectly.
    Conclusion: unless the consumer deliberately breaks it, this stone has a life expectancy for undefined period of time.
  • Prices:
    • price is calculated on a shape that fits in size 6*4cm. If you want bigger, it is possible of course. But our experience is that this size is ideal size to be used in pouches and tins up to 200g.
    • shape is of no importance, within reason of manufacturing possibilities.
    • delivery time : 12-14 weeks after confirmation of sample.

HYDROSTONE® registered trademark 



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HYDROSTONE ® registered trademark